Slackjaw Film

Winner of 'Best Short Film' at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival

Life in the attic of Malcolm Smith, home of the country's most famous climbing board

This short film is included on Blood, Sweat & Bagels

Climber Magazine
“A well edited snapshot that manages to convey a huge amount”

Splinter Splinter

Malcolm Smith is without doubt one of the strongest climbers in the world. This 4 minute film is a magical slice of life in his old attic bedroom – home to the countries most infamous climbing board. It takes us back to Malcolm’s roots and the board where he trained incessantly during his teenage years. Fired up on tabs and coffee he attempts to repeat the problem he used as he trained for the second ascent of hubble. Filmed in atmospheric black and white with a jib arm and high contrast lighting, Splinter is a beautiful verite doc full of sweat and sinew.

Splinter comes as part of the Blood, Sweat and Bagels DVD.