Stick It

North Wales

Nic Sellers, Simon Panton, David Neuden, Paul Higginson

Take lots of mats if you go to this place. Landings are pretty horrendous. Very beautiful day out, one of the best we had during the shoot. Very near Hell’s Mouth, the principal surf venue of North Wales.

Closer 6b+

Popcorn Party 7a

Fast Cars 6c+

Jawbreaker 6c

High Crack 5+

Incredible Shaking Man 7b

Porth Ysgo Challenge (Ungraded)

On the Llandudno Peninsula but South of the town

Manchester Dogs 8a
The Higg on his own creation. He won’t tell us the story behind the name but we can guess!

Paul Higginson, Mark Katz, Chris Davies

Pool of Bethesda 8a+
Awesome problem now with a Malcolm Smith Sit Down Start.

Mr Fantastic 8a
Probably one of the most beautifully climbed probs in the film. I think a hold might have fallen off it now.

The Minimum 7a+
To be found up on the Barrel

The Lotus 8a
It was lashing down while Mark did this. Yeah i know his boots change.

Killer Weed 6c

The Barrel Traverse 7b+

Diesel Power 8a (Cromlech Boulders)


Superfuzzbigmuff 8a+
I think this might have had a name change or been reported as different. I also think Ian Vickers repeated it and thought it easier.