Stick It

Yorkshire I

Adam Long, Tom Briggs, John Wainwright, Sam Whittaker, Andy Harris, Gareth Parry
In the shade all day so good summer grit venue – well as good as you’re going to get)

Handy Andy’s 7a

Andy Brown's Wall 7b+
Claims that this may have now been chipped!

Grape Nut 7a+

The Flakes 7b

Underpants 7b+

Superfly 7b

Larger Larger Larger 7c

Ben Bransby, Sam Whittaker, Katherine Shirrmacher, Laurent Derioz, Andy Healey
Very extensive. V. good. Just north of Leeds

Block Buster 7b+

The Pinch 6c

Pocket Rock 6b

Back Stabber 6b

Mr Smooth 6a
Like a piece of Font in our own back yard.

The Horn problem 2 6a

Bob's Bastard 5