winter essentials
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Winter Essentials

There aren’t any woolly mammoths left, but them thar mountains can still habour a few surprises in winter.

“Excellent….a comprehensive guide to the equipment and skills needed”
“Lots of top tips. I would really recommend this DVD for anybody going into the mountains in winter. Watch and learn.”
“Inspirational…a fine effort.”

Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials is required viewing if you are new to or unsure about operating in the winter mountains.

Produced by the BMC, Mountaineering Council of Scotland and Mountain Leader Training England and filmed and edited by Slackjaw there's over two hours of material. It gives you the whys and wherefores of how to keep snow out of your boots and your ice axe out of your head. The techniques, skills and information to make any adventure in the mountains both thrilling and less fearful are all clearly presented.

Winter Essentials

It follows a group of three winter mountaineers and two winter climbers on a day out in the Scottish mountains. We see how they cope with this potentially hazardous environment and what measures they take to ensure they both enjoy the experience and return safely.


Don’t leave the trail head without it.

Following the film are 11 separate chapters that expand on the messages given in the film and provide additional information:
Ice Axes
Ice Axe Belays
Self Arrest
Snow Bollards
Avalanche Awareness
Emergency Procedures
Clothing and Equipment
Further Information

Made for and with the participation and support of:

British Mountaineering Council Mountaineering Council of Scotland Mountain Leader Training England Jonathan Conville Memorial Trust