Deadliest Crash

Deadliest Crash

The 1955 Le Mans Disaster
Directed For BBC

Winner Best Documentary Reportage Milan FICTS 2009

'Enjoyed it immensely - well crafted, dramatically told and full of detail.' Richard Klein, Controller BBC 4

'Telling the story of the biggest tragedy in motor sports history needed an exceptionally skillful touch - and this film has it.' Brian Laban

'Deeply moving and fascinating.' Motor Sport

Deadliest Crash

It was destined to be the greatest endurance race of all time. Instead the 1955 Le Mans became the worst disaster in motor racing history. A traumatic tale, traumatically told this film has been a pretty tough ride. A long time in development we have finally created a behemoth of mixed emotions; thrills and despair, innocence and ego.

Here's the story.

On June 11th on the home straight, Stirling Moss's co-driver Fangio, Pierre Levegh, Lance Macklin and future British World Champion Mike Hawthorn became embroiled in a disaster of unprecedented scale. At 6.26pm a Mercedes 300 SLR smashed into the crowd causing an unimaginable death toll. Many believe this incident ruined both Hawthorn and Macklin's lives.

Deadliest Crash is the dramatic story of the day racing was changed forever. The carnage, seen through eye witness accounts, includes the stories of the survivors from the packed grandstands and members of the Mercedes and Jaguar teams at the heart of the disaster.

Deadliest Crash

Produced by Bigger Picture in Manchester it's been shot and directed by Rich.

'A magnificently realised telling of a moment in motor racing history when beauty and recklessness, daring and danger, bravery and scandalous lack of concern for the wellbeing of its participants collided in one deadly cocktail.'
Jim White, Daily Telegraph