In the Shadow of Nepal’s Lost Glaciers

Meet the Nepali people now, before they are washed away!


For those that thought the romantic picture of the snow-capped Himalayan peak was permanent, this is a rude wake-up call.

Global warming is starting to impact dangerously on one of the most beautiful and distant parts of the world. This film follows a UN trip to look at the glacial melt that is forming huge lakes behind moraine dams. Effectively a ticking time bomb, these lakes contain up to 30 million tonnes of water and the film highlights the people on the front line of this imminent flood disaster – the Nepali people themselves. True to the usual Slackjaw stylee this film is both personable and provocative in equal measure.


It includes dramatic mountain scenery, an ascent of a 6000m peak and interviews with a leading Buddhist monk, a Nepali environmentalist, local witnesses to disasters, a UN official and glaciology and global warming experts from the universities of Sheffield and Oxford.