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Other work by Slackjaw Film

Working in conjunction with Manchester company Bigger Picture we were lucky enough to hang out with über-loon Mark Jefferies.

The Vomit Comet

Mark is one of Britian's top aerial acrobatic pilots – a modern day Baron von Richthofen but with out the machine guns and ’tash. Covering his plane in mini-cams we got a bird's eye view of what really is possible in the air. Sick bags to the fore. Slackjaw helped film and edit. // click here to download the clip

Like Any Other Day  

First Light is an iniative in Sheffield to help young aspiring film makers to make their first step on the road to the Viper Bar in Hollywood.

They write, direct and film short fiction pieces about issues and concerns in their own lives. In general this turns out to be prostitution, drugs, gang warfare, car theft, wife beating and suicide. And we thought we had had troubled childhoods, endlessly trying to decide whether to spend our 10p subs on a tube of Refreshers or Toffoes.

Anyways Slackjaw edited a couple of the films produced, Cookie Crumble and Like Any Other Day.

Swamp Circus gave us our first job back in 1997.

Swamp Circus Theatre

Recently we edited another short promo that was directed by Eve. // click here to download the clip

Slackjaw were involved in coordinating a series of climbing sequences for the opening show of a Peak Practice series.

Peak Practise

Neil Bentley (BSB star, Matt Damon and Denis Waterman stunt double) oversaw the team of riggers, stunt doubles, actors and camerafolk at Black Rocks. We did try to convince them that grit nasty Meshuga was just what the doctor ordered, alas they chose the Prom Traverse amongst others to centre the action around.