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le mans

'Superb' Daily Telegraph
'Captures the unique drama of competing at Le Mans, with a compelling blend of gritty on-board footage and highly-charged pit scenes.' Evo

Back in June we decided it would nice to see what it was like to hardly sleep for a week.le mans pits The result is this film showing what it really takes to enter Le Mans, the world's toughest race. Made with the mighty Bigger Picture team from Manchester.

Inspired by the 1970's Steve McQueen classic Le Mans, this is a David and Goliath story. Martin Short, dad, racing driver and team owner, has a big dream: To be on the podium of this great race. Except he has all the usual famous teams to beat with a car that isn't yet ready.
We had mini cams on the car, access to all the radio exchanges and two cameras following the rest of the action in the pits and on the track. It was like big brother on wheels. There was no hiding place.
le mans The result is a frenzied film showing how far you can get with determination, drive, passion and the confidence to take huge risks. It also shows how dangerous driving at 200 miles per hour really is, at night! In the wet!
The shoot was as tough as any we've been on and by the end we were really proud of our contribution.
Thumbs up to John the producer/director.

WINNER of the FICTS Milan International Film Festival 'Mention d'Honneur 2006'
DVD OF THE YEAR - BBC Top Gear Magazine


MTLE Awards Scheme.

Again working for the BMC and MTLE we have put together a DVD that covers the teared awards schemes they offer for people wanting to lead other in the mountains.

Lots of acronyms - WGL, ML, IML, BMG, MIA etc - and lots of beautiful scenery from around the country. Perfect.



british council  


It’s pretty obvious with happenings like 9/11, the bombing in Madrid and London and also the race disturbances in Birmingham, Paris and northern towns in England that something is going awry with multi-cultural nations.

british councilThe British Council in France are trying to do something with a series of high profile debates.

Bigger Picture had us crewing and editing a promo of the pilot debate held in France in December. More meat than you average boucherie and charcuterie combined.


british council
british council


You're probably getting the idea by now that Manchester's Bigger Picture has got a thing about motors. This is where it all went a bit anoraky.

Shooting with dolly and jibs we filmed some mucky cars getting washed and gleaned and then edited them in to some polished web ads. It was really good, clean fun