Slackjaw Film

Payment Process Explained

To buy our videos for immediate despatch to you (available in European and American formats), please select what you want to buy and click on the Go to secure payment page button below. You can pay in UK Sterling, Euros or US Dollars – and you will see exactly what will appear on your credit card statement.

You will be taken to our special section at who process our credit card transactions instantly. Please note that you are buying these films directly from us not through a registration agent. We find WorldPay to be the best method of secure and protected payment for both you and us.

Returns Policy

Videos cannot be returned. If the video isn't in good working order we will exchange it for the same title. Simply send it back to us at the address below with an explanation of the defect. Be sure to include your name, return address, and daytime telephone number.

Remember: Not all videos track alike. If you are experiencing a picture problem, please first try adjusting the tracking on your VCR.

A restocking and posting fee of 25% of the purchase price will apply if you purchase the wrong video format and want to change it for the other format. Which format is for you?

This does not affect your statutory rights. If you have any questions, comments or complaints about this service please contact us at the address below. As far as possible we will respond to electronic communications within 3 working days and written within 5 days.