Slackjaw Film

Blood, Sweat & Bagels
Winner of six international film festival awards

Another classic misadventure

Includes the short film Splinter

“Lots of laughs, hard grind and eccentricity… lovingly shot and directed with great skill”
On the Edge Magazine
“Funny, very funny at times… dramatic and riveting”
Climber Magazine
“A film I have been waiting a long time for… great”
Climbing Magazine (USA)

Jumaring out from long ledge

Two of Britain’s top free climbers decide to take on one of Yosemite’s most awesome lumps of granite: the thousand vertical metres of El Capitan – via it’s hardest line – with no experience of big walling whatsoever.

Fired up on a diet of bagels, the climbers, Rich and Neil, set off to do battle with the dizzying exposure and raking crack lines of this historic face. The ensuing agony is captured in this spectacularly shot film, that exudes passion and humour and takes a refreshingly honest look at living 6 days in the vertical world.


This new DVD stacks up over 45 minutes of extras including out-takes, director’s commentary, crew scenes and the award winning short Splinter, about Scotland’s super-strong Malcolm Smith conquering Britain’s hardest boulder problem.