Off Piste essentials DVD
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Off Piste Essentials

If you've always wanted to get away from the lifts, the crowds and fluorescent green all-in-one ski suits then this is the DVD for you.

“Watch, learn and enjoy. Totally absorbing.”
Fall Line Skiing

Off Piste Essentials Skier

Off Piste Essentials is your portal into another world. It's about adventure and beauty and amazing, thrilling powder fields. Also, and most importantly, it's about knocking down the barriers that are probably stopping you from adding another exciting dimension to your skiing holidays and vin chaude.

The film follows a group of four friends on a multi-day ski-tour in the Austrian Alps. It shows the skills needed to progress through off piste resort skiing to multi day ski tours and ski mountaineering in glaciated terrain.
It's appropriate to skiers and boarders of all standards conveying how to enjoy the experience and return safely. It's not really about the physical techniques of skiing off piste (practice and an instructor can do this best) but about logistics and safety.
Off Piste Essentials Four

So after the film following the four friends there are nigh on three hours of in-depth chapters covering things like:

Safe travel
Skinning uphill
Snow sense

Defensive skiing
Using a rope
Crevasse rescue
Avalanche survival

These are, in the main, presented by expert guides Martin Chester and Rob Spencer.

This DVD will educate and inspire and believe me, if me and Ben (both very average skiers) can do it lugging two cameras and the rest of the kit around then you can too. Buy a copy now and open up your horizons, ski touring is really bloody brilliant.

The film has been made in conjunction with:

British Mountaineering Council
Mountaineering Council of Scotland
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