Stone Love


Five of Britain's strongest climbers on a week long bouldering trip to Cresciano in Switzerland

“Inspirational, insightful… all the climbers are superb”
High Magazine
“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it”
On the Edge Magazine
“A winning formula”

Jerry Moffat – Photo: Jerry Moffatt & Richie Patterson

Stone Love is the story of five of Britain’s strongest climbers – Malcolm Smith, Jerry Moffatt, Ben Moon, Richie Patterson, Andy Harris – on a week-long trip to the granite bouldering mecca of Cresciano in Switzerland – a beautiful alpine hillside full of classic lines and big grades.

Breaking the mould of traditional bouldering films, Stone Love is a unique window into what it takes to climb hard boulder problems: the camaraderie, the competition, the frustration and the sheer hard work..

Malcolm Smith – Photo: Jerry Moffatt & Richie Patterson

Shot as a fly-on-the-wall documentary, Stone Love is rich, intimate and fun, conveying why travelling is such an intrinsic part of a climber’s psyche, from the early morning fried egg butties to the bleeding finger tips at the end of the day.

Above all though it’s a love story.

Soundtrack by Fabric Cutz, Big Eyes, Ashbury and David Thomas.