Slackjaw Film

Slackjaw Film –
a brief CV

Multi Award Winning

Deadliest Crash - Bigger Picture/BBC
Le Mans: In the Lap of the Gods - Bigger Picture/Bravo
The Wildest Dream - Altitude Films/Feature Film
Le Mans: Chasing the Dream Bigger Picture/Retail DVD
The Beat is the Law - Sheffield Vision/YLE Finland
Alpine Essentials - British Mountaineering Council/ Retail DVD
Hill Walking Essentials British Mountaineering Council/ Retail DVD
Off Piste Essentials - British Mountaineering Council/ Retail DVD
HardXS - Slackjaw Film/Retail DVD
Arc'teryx SalesTraining - Big Stone
MiDAS Training Film - Bison Grass Films
Lines of Flight - Big Stone
The Extremists - York University
Blood, Sweat and Bagels - Channel 4/Retail DVD // Sample clip .wmv 2.6Mb
Extreme Sports Series - Chameleon TV/Channel 4
TVR Promo – Bigger Picture
Meltdown, In the Shadow of Nepal’s Lost Glaciers - United Nations
Peak Practice - ITV Network
Cross Fire Over Kashmir – Chameleon TV/Channel 4
The World Climbing Championship - Sky Sports/Eurosport
The Foundry International Bouldering Open - Sky Sports/ Eurosport
Scuzzworld - SkyTV
ExxonMobil Corporate Aviation Oil Corporate - Bigger Picture // Sample clip .wmv 2.8Mb
Inside Out - Yorkshire TV
Winter Essentials DVD – British Mountaineering Council // Sample clip .wmv 5.3Mb
Safety on Mountains Video – British Mountaineering Council
Kilimanjaro – Going for Broke – Slackjaw Film/TV Distribution
Suffering Andy – Slackjaw Film/Retail DVD
Splinter - Slackjaw Film/Retail DVD
Stick It - Slackjaw Film/Retail DVD // Sample clip .wmv 5.7Mb
Made in Sheffield DVD – Sheffield Vision // Sample clip .wmv 5.3Mb
Cookie Crumble & A Day Like Any Other – First Light
On the Limit DVD – Bigger Picture
One Winter – Slackjaw Film/Retail DVD // Sample clip .wmv 2.4Mb
Hard Grit – Slackjaw Film/Retail DVD // Sample clip .wmv 5.5Mb
Classical Gas - Pilot Discovery Channel

Slackjaw have also supplied footage to the following broadcasters:
BBC, Yorkshire Television, Channel 4, Meridian Broadcasting, Fox Sports Network, Sky and others.