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While our roots are climbing, we’re still interested in other stuff. The environment, music, fiction film and generally what makes people tick.


Meltdown Kilimanjaro consumed
Meet the Nepali people now, before they are washed away! //more

Four disabled climbers tackle Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. //more


A compelling documentary about modern consumerist culture //more



madness in the desert killer years deadliest crash

madness in the desert
The Paris to Dakar rally
rected for the BBC //more


killer years
The story of when the Grand Prix was out of control
Directed for the BBC


Deadliest Crash
The 1955 Le Mans Disaster Directed for the BBC //more

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  Other Work
More great stuff from the Slackjaw team, just to prove that it's not all about climbing. //more
  Other Work 2
Even more great stuff from the Slackjaw team //more
  Other Work 3
Its a hat trick! A trilogy even //more