Kilimanjaro DVD Cover


Paul Pritchard, David Limb, Jamie Andrew & Pete Steane – four disabled climbers tackle Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

Jamie Andrew approaching the summit of Kilimanjaro

Beware this is a mountain adventure film with huge human and emotional dimensions. It’s about four great climbers who have all suffered major tragedies that have left them all seriously disabled. Climbing gods made mortal, they decide to get together to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.

Roll up. Roll up.

Jamie, has no arms and no legs, half of Paul’s body is as dead as a corpse, Pete has a broken back, one kidney & calves the thickness of a small pencil and David is recovering from total paralysis.

With incredible poignancy and honesty our four heroes talk about how their lives have led up to this point in time, the pain and suffering, the doubts and the joy.

Nearby Mt Meru seen from Kilimanjaro

All the while though, they are once again journeying in to a world of risk and danger.

After a gentle introduction, fierce blizzard conditions close in. All other trekkers are forced off the mountain and three porters die in the vicious conditions. With only 5 good arms, two good legs, a bout of pulmonary oedema, swollen stumps and a missing glacier between them our team presses on.

Finally up hard, steep, snow covered terrain they attempt the summit. They begin the ascent at 1.00am and climb through the night. Paul is reduced to climbing on his hands and knees and needs the support of the whole team. If the journey to this point has been the river voyage, then the next 15 hours is their meeting with Kurtz.

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