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jan 2008: Hard XS is out and in the shops...
dec 2007: HARDXS is finally properly absolutely done....
aug 2007: HardXS is bumping along nicely...
mar 2007: We've been on a Hard XS mission... Esoterica done...SHAFF news.
feb 2007: 'Suffering Andy' premiers @ Sheffield
jan 2007 : Kili wins Prize at Dijon Adventure festival
jul 2006: the Le Mans 24-hour race. Exhausting
apr 2006: we've secured ourselves a TV distributor
oct 2005 : nearly finished Kilimanjaro film

December 2007

  • Hardxs delivery! Our copiers have let us down and delivery of our dvd's has been delayed. I'm hoping to drive down and pick them up tomorrow (Tuesday 18th December) and get them straight in the post to people who've ordered. It left our gaff a couple of days ago and has been at the dupers ever since. We were promised stock by 14th December.
    Sorry about this and though it is no consolation, i'm finding it as frustrating as everyone else.
    All the best and Happy Christmas, Rich.
    Hard XS DVD cover

  • What an epic it has been. Not just the filming and the editing and getting music and all the other guff but just keeping morale and enthusiasm up for it. We started out with a simple idea of filming Dave Thomas on a shale cliff and it ended up turning into a love letter to the British climbing experience. Not in the slightest Hard Grit 2.

    In many ways it's turned out quite unusual. It's very stripped down (like a day at the crag in fact). There's gentle conversation, nature, being with mates, hard core action and not so hard core action. Across the broad range of climbing genres we've captured commitment, fun, athleticism, missions, partnerships, adventure, obsession, wisdom, ego, lots of things but you have to be good at reading between the lines to see it. We hope, to a certain degree, it also feels like you are hanging out with the protagonists in the film and getting to know a bit what goes on between their ears. Sometimes it's worked good and sometimes I think it is a tad low key.

    rich and ben editingThe main body of 11 shorts has turned out to be over two hours in length. Not a great thing if you decide to try and watch them all at once. (possibly you'll feel like that time at Stanage where you did an extra route and found that you couldn't be arsed and there was no fun in it). I however have seen them more times than you can imagine in the process of putting the whole thing together and the other night as one last check watched the first four films (choss, steve mc, young james and snow) one after the other and felt a great sense of pleasure at what we'd achieved. ((On the fifth though the law of diminishing returns kicked in and it was time for bed!!))

    For all those people that have pre-ordered it we're sorry for the delay. We put out a few preview copies and really wanted to respond to helpful suggestions we were given. It took much longer than expected though!!

    By some way of compensation here's a little clip of Rupert Davies doing his new route Seraphim 8b at Raven Tor. This hasn't made it in to HardXS but it's cool and crimpy nevertheless

  • Other news is that the Le Mans film we shot with Bigger Picture won some prize at the Milan Film Festival and has received brill reviews. Also with Bigger Picture we're doing something for kids about wearing bike helmets. Soon Ben is off to India with Ginger TV shooting something about Leo Houlding.

  • Anyway the kids are growing up fast and it's about time I started noticing. All the best, Rich.